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Useful Tips;  How to Select a Mover

Updated: January 22, 2019

Choose your mover by reputation, resources and stability. Ask your mover for references. Your mover should inspire trust and confidence. Choose the mover who is genuinely interested in you and your needs. Your mover must hold a valid BC Motor Carrier Licence. If they do not, it is unlikely that they can obtain insurance to cover them in case of loss or damage to your possessions. At the face of our business is the Bekins Crew. We are proud to say that they are the reason why we continue to exceed our customers’ expectations. The Bekins Crew offers our customers a stress-free, professional moving service every time.

Arranging your Moving Date and Time

While arrangements for local moves can be made on the telephone, it is always best to have a Bekins Moving Consultant visit your home to do a complete survey of what you wish to move. This is the only way to ensure that the correct number of movers and equipment is utilized, resulting in a smooth, efficient relocation.

Final arrangements should be made at least one to two weeks prior to moving day. Avoid moving during PEAK PERIODS, as the rate is higher, the availability of movers and equipment limited, and the ability to make last minute changes limited. If you have to move during a peak period, make your reservations as far in advance as possible.

During peak periods, movers are booked to capacity. Peak periods include the last week of any month and any weekend that the first or fifteenth of the month occur. If you are moving to or from a building with an elevator, be sure to book it in advance as to avoid delays caused by sharing elevators with other tenants’ movers. If possible, book your move to start early in the morning, to ensure a precise starting time.

Keep in Touch

It is our policy to confirm your local move twice – initially in writing immediately after booking, by mail or email and by telephone two days before your move. When you receive your confirmation letter in the mail, please read it carefully. It is full of important information about your move. We use it to make sure that we understand your needs and that there are no misunderstood details that may result in a potential service failure. We will telephone you on the day before your move to make a final confirmation. If you are not going to be home on the day before your move, please call our dispatch department so that we can make all the final arrangements.

Methods of Payment

Unless prior arrangements have been made, the driver is required to collect payment for your moving charges upon completion of service. Local moves can paid by way of cash, VISA or Mastercard.

Moving Day

Leave all furniture in place, rugs on the floor, cartons and bundles in the rooms in which they were packed.All passageways should be left clear. Articles required first in your new home should be shown to the movers. Before leaving your old home, check all cupboards, behind doors and all storage areas before the van leaves. See that everything that is to go has been loaded and that those ” Not to go” articles are still on the premises.

The movers cannot be held responsible for items left behind. If you follow these suggestions, there will be much less work and confusion in the home. They simplify the loading of your goods and save time. At your new home, our movers will lay loose rugs, reassemble and place your furniture, and leave labeled cartons and bundles in the correct rooms.

Before Moving Day

Plan easy-to-prepare meals for moving day. Use one carton for dishes, utensils and food for the last meal in the old house and the first meal in the new house. Clean cupboards and windows etc. in your new residence if possible. Plan the placement of your furnishings. Make a floor plan, tape signs on room doors, e.g. Bedroom #1 – so that furniture and cartons will be placed in the correct rooms.